TRAC On-Board Washdown Pump 70PSI

Trac Outdoor

$ 98.99 
SKU: TRC-T10077

TRAC On-Board Washdown Pump
Washdown Pump: 70 PSI, 5.3 GPM, 5-Chamber Diaphragm Pump, 12v, 6 Amps
Kit size: 12”L x 6”W x 14”H
5.3 gallons/minute flow rate
6 amps
70 psi
Suction capacity 6 ft.
Self-priming, 12V diaphragm pump with sealed, pressure switch control and vibration dampening polymer isolating mounting base. These pumps are ideal for cleaning leisure boats, fish boxes, anchor chains and dinghies. Suitable for fresh and salt water. All models include filter and fittings.
& Smooth operation and flow
& Quiet running
& Runs dry without damage
& Seamless motor shell
& Low power draw
& Ignition protected
& Easy quick-connect fittings
& 3 year warranty

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