Starbrite Do-It-Yourself Winterization Kit

Star Brite

$ 53.99 
SKU: STR-35001

Do It Yourself Boat Winterization Kit by Starbrite

Kit Includes:

  • Antifreeze Jug( Holds 5 Gallons)
  • Tubing
  • Does not include antifreeze

For Winterizing:

  • Quickly and easily adds winterizing anti-freeze to inboard and outboard engines.
  • All you need is a garden hose, ear muffs or flusher attachment and Anti-Freeze.
  • Winterize your boat right on the trailer.

For Descaling:

  • Quickly and easily descales inboard and outboard engine cooling systems.
  • Removes zebra mussels and other marinegrowth to keep your engine running cool.

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