CE Smith Pontoon Boat Trailer Guide-On Posts

C.E. Smith

$ 64.99 $ 109.95
SKU: CES-27670

Loading your pontoon onto the trailer has never been easier! This easy-to-install set of guide-on posts gives you everything to make loading your pontoon easier and quicker.

CE Smith Pontoon Boat Trailer Guide-On's Guide posts go inside pontoons to center boat on trailer.


  • Metal arm extends fully into PVC tube for strength
  • Height of 22"
  • Made of 1.5" square 16 Ga. steel tubing covered by 2" PVC tube
  • Mount on top of trailer frame
  • Comes complete with hardware for trailer frames up to 3" wide by 4.5" high
  • Kit includes 2 complete guide posts and hardware.

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