As spring is nearing, so is tick season. Remember that when you are out in the woods or any tall grasses to be aware that there could be hundreds of ticks all around you. Ticks are tiny parasites that feed on blood and can be very difficult to spot on your body. They are so small that you will likely not even feel them crawling on you. And once they have started to "dig into" your skin, it may take a good pull to get them off.

After being in the woods or in tall grass, be sure to look all over for ticks; even if you weren't in those conditions for long. Go through your hair a few times as they can be almost impossible to find in longer hair. If you find one, remove it immediately. These little insects are extremely difficult to kill and can survive in some harsh conditions. Many people use fire or drowning (the tick) as a preferred method of getting rid of the pests.

One of the best ways to avoid ticks, is to wear longer clothes, especially around your legs. Many people pull their socks up and over their jeans when they are walking through areas where tick's are likely present. Even your skin being completely covered doesn't mean that ticks can't get onto your body. Just remember that anytime you are out in a tick-favorable area, ALWAYS look for ticks on anyone with you, including your dogs.

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